Technical Freedom

We handle the tech stuff so you can handle the tough stuff!

We know the toughest part of business, is running it.  That’s why we take all the worry out of having a website.    Instastore gives you great features with easy to use tools making it quick and easy to get your site online, keep it backed-up and always secure.

If you can e-mail, you can build your own website

If all the expertise you have online is sending e-mail, you have what it takes to build a great site with our powerful web builder tool.   Just type, click and publish and your site is online in minutes.   No code to learn, no design or programming experience needed.  We make that easy for you to quickly get your business up and running in the internet world.

Leave the hosting to us!

We know that once you have built your website, you don’t want to have to worry about where it will be stored or how to get it online.  That’s why we take care of it for you.  All you have to do is hit save and your site is available to the world.

Unlimited bandwidth included

We don’t think you should be punished for success.  That’s why we don’t charge extra fees when your traffic-count sky rockets.

Security through encryption

With identity theft and cyber wars running rampant security is always an issue.  That why we provide 128 bit SSL encryption protection for both you and your customers, during and after the sale.

Free updates

We keep your web builder updated with all the latest features and any other software updates so you know you always have the latest and greatest version of Instastore to keep your website on the cutting edge.

Automatic backups for peace of mind

We take the worry out of keeping your data safe by automatically and constantly backing up your data to make sure it is safe and secure at all times.