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Church & Non-Profit Websites

In today’s world having a website is not just a luxury it’s a necessity! Church and non-profit websites are one of the fastest growing segments as more and more people choose the internet to find everything their looking for whether it’s a retail store, a church home or a worthwhile charity.

It’s never been so easy!

Cost is always an issue when you’re talking charitable organizations. The price of having a professional website built has prohibited many organizations from having their own site, until now. With Instastore Website builder, you can build a professional looking and operating website yourself, saving thousands of dollars and hours of time. Building on Instastore is as easy as 1-2-3 with our type, click and save feature.

You name is your domain!

With Instastore you can use custom domain names and email addresses to make finding your church or non-profit organization easy and enhancing the professional experience to visitors contacting you through your site.

Reaching out is what you do.

Instastore realizes that reaching out is what you do. Blogs and newsletters are essential tools for churches and non-profit organizations and we offer you both in easy to use formats, quick to set up and simple to use.

Tools for reaching the right people are a must.

Getting the word to people who are looking for organizations like yours is key in having a successful website. That’s why Instastore offers you great marketing tools that tell you where your clients are coming from, what pages on your website they visit the most and much more statistical information to help you not only find clients, but keep their interest and keep them informed.

Fund raising is a snap!

Another great feature, easy to implement and use is our shopping cart. Nearly all non-profit organizations find it necessary to raise funds at one time or another. Our easy to use shopping cart feature allows you to build catalogs, sell products and accept credit cards online with no hassles. No Church or non-profit website should be without it.

Even charitable organizations need protection.

You read about it every day, someone has their credit compromised on the internet. That’s why Instastore offers you the standard in security during and after the sale with its 128 bit SSL encryption coding to give you and your clients peace of mind.

Building your site is easy and we take care of all the technical stuff.

With Instastore website building tools building your site is simple, and we do the hosting, give you free updates, unlimited band width and auto backups. All you have to do is focus on what you want your site to say and do.

Help is at your fingertips.

Building your website on Instastore is as easy as sending e-mail, but if you do need help it’s at your fingertips. We offer step by step directions, online videos and a help desk. Get started today!