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Doctor’s Office Websites

The internet has become the number one tool people use to research healthcare issues. For that reason it has become a must for doctor’s offices to make sure they have a presence on the web.

Doctor’s office websites are essential for the professional appearance, informational value and peace of mind they offer to current and potential patients.

Now, with Instastore, you can have a professional looking and working website at a fraction of the cost and a tenth of the time professional website builders have demanded in the past.

Simple to build, easy to use.

With Instastore website building tools, if you can e-mail, you can build the site. It’s as easy as type, click and save. You can also add pictures and video of your own, or choose from our large selection of provided pictures at your disposal for free.

Custom domain names and e-mail addresses.

Having a custom domain name and e-mail address adds professionalism to your website and makes it easy for patients to remember who you are and how to contact you. Instastore offers you both.

Keep your patients informed.

Newsletters and blogs are two of the tools many doctors are using to keep their patients informed of changes, educate them on health issues or tell them about new and exciting healthcare breakthroughs. Instastore offers you both as part of our package. You can also imbed maps on your site to help people find your locations or give them directions to the hospital.

Build your patient base, and make your site work for you.

Marketing can be a tricky business, especially for Doctors. With our marketing tools you can find out where your customers are coming to your site from, what pages they are viewing the most and just about any statistical information you could find useful to make your site efficient. There also useful in knowing how many people read your blogs and what topics seem to interest them the most.

Help is a click away and we take care of the technical end.

Building doctor’s office websites may seem a difficult task, but with Instastore we not only offer you simple tools to use, we also provide step-by-step instructions and online videos to help you out. If you’re still stumped we have a help desk as well.

On the technical end, we do the hosting, keep you in band width, provide free updates and do automatic back-ups, so you can focus on content and taking care of patients. Getting on the web has never been so easy!